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Drawing Magazine Feature!

drawingmagazinefeatureforwebmagazinemontageI’m featured as the “New & Notable” artist to watch in this Spring’s Drawing Magazine!

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Studio Sale – Available Sketches/Studies


Recently my drawings have evolved into more immediate, luminous watercolors and monotypes as I explore new ways to express the emotions embodied in the Abandoned Series, free from technical and representational constraints. I built a scale-model of the barn and have been manipulating the light and using it as a reference for these new drawings.

I’ve been creating so many watercolors and monotypes using the model barn I built as reference, I’d like to send them off to new homes!

Available Monotype Studies

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Available Smaller Drawings in the Abandoned Series

Recent smaller drawings and sketches in the Abandoned Series available for purchase:

Peace: In Progress

Peace (In Progress), ink on paper, 4ft x 6ft

Peace (In Progress), ink on paper, 4ft x 6ft

Ink Sketches:

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Smart Dust

I’m grateful for the incredible outpouring of love and support at this wonderful opening reception. Even on such a cold winter day, it was so packed I could hardly move!

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I built a detailed, to scale model of my barn. So excited to draw from this model and manipulate the light!

Ink Drawings:

Here are the first light drawings from the model:

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Available through Aberson Exhibits

Three of my favorite pieces are now represented by Aberson Exhibits!
If you’re interested in “Important,” “New Purpose,” and “The Sky from Earth” please contact the gallery.

Important: Complete!


Important, 2015-2016, Ink on paper, 10ft x 8ft

The Making of “Important”:



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New Purpose: Complete!


New Purpose, 2016, Archival marker on paper, 5ft x 4ft

The Making of “New Purpose”:

Small Version:

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