Monotypes and Watercolors



Based on my own experiences of emotional abandonment, the “Abandoned Series” explores the dramatic journey from separation to connection, as personified by the trials of an abandoned barn. Even when all hope is dashed by hurricane waves, it still discovers its inner light and place in the universe.

While the narrative centers on the lonely barn, my technical focus is on rendering the light and making my circular style more emotive and expressive. Whether in ballpoint, ink washes or monotype, I am constantly pushing the envelope on the types of atmospheres and luminous effects I can create with these continuous, circular, intersecting lines and bold forms.

I built a model of the barn, an have been using it as a reference to take the series deeper. By drawing from life and manipulating light on the barn, I am exploring new ways to express the emotions embodied in the series as I liberate myself from technical and representational constraints and my drawings evolve into more immediate, luminous watercolors and monotypes.