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ACA Galleries

I was honored to be invited to participate in this benefit! So excited to have an entire room full of my “Abandoned Series” at ACA Galleries, where incredible artists from Lee Krasner to Luis Jimenez and Elisa Jimenez have shown. The show looked spectacular!

ACA + ArtBloxx Collab: LES Ecology Center Showcase

CloseUp NYC is taking action. We have joined in creating an event with ACA Galleries (yet again) and ArtBloxx a fabulous blogger who equally cares about art and the environment.

The evening will feature LES Ecology Center, a local non profit that proudly supports the environment and welcomes the arts.

Our artists you ask? There’s quite the mix. Michael Netter and Colleen Blackard will be hanging, and performing:

Jennifer Walder
Vaughn Bergen + Joel Bluestein
Sharon Lam
Extravegant Animals

Enjoy an open bar, live music, and chats of changing the world. A portion of ticket sales and art sales will go to LES Ecology Center, and of course any direct donations you’d like to make.

Friday, August 19 at 7 PM9 PM

ACA Galleries 529 West 20th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10011

Now Featured on ArtSpace!



My artwork has been selected to be available on Artspace! Check it out, I love the “view in a room” feature!

Greenpoint Open Studios

I was blown away by all the positive feedback I received during Greenpoint Open Studios. The studio was packed from start to finish both days! I barely had time to start my newest drawing, “New Purpose,” but enjoyed the brief moments where I could share my process with the viewers. I even reconnected with visitors who remembered my work from last time in the old studio. “Importance” was a show stopper, as well as “Paths of Memory.” The drawing “Bask” stole the show when it sold on the first day! So glad it’s gone to a great home of another amazing artist. I met the artist Mick Theebs, who asked to take my picture with a statement for his art blog, Also That. (Update: After this, I was September’s featured artist on Also That!)

Greenpoint Open Studios was featured in the NYTimes!:


Even if you missed it, you can still be a fly on the wall by watching this one-minute time-lapse video of the entire two-day event:

Landscapes at BFP Creative

Landscapes at Temporary Storage Gallery

Landscapes, Seascapes, Skyscapes, Escapes.

As a reminder of what lies just beyond New York City (and hidden within the city itself), BFP Creative is putting together a show of work that depicts the natural world. Let’s celebrate beauty, sentimentality and awe.

Featuring the contemporary landscape works of 60 artists from New York City and beyond.

Using a historically significant genre, these artists are contributing to a larger discussion about important contemporary issues, including sustainability and global climate change.


Temporary Storage Gallery
119 Ingraham St., ground floor
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Conception Gallery: Armory Week Salon

Honored to have my work in this show by Conception Gallery during Armory Week, only a block away from Pulse Art Fair. The opening was packed, and I sold the drawing, “Love is Being Flexible”!

 Armory Week Salon: Opening Reception

Friday March 3rd – 7pm – 11pm

LOCATION: 10 W18th St Continue reading

Disquieting Vicinities

Honored to have my ink painting “Release” in this show at Owen James Gallery in January!


Featured on Two Coats of Paint

Press Release:

Disquieting Vicinities

Colleen Blackard, Rachael Gorchov, Karen Marston and Elin Rodseth

Owen James Gallery  61 Greenpoint Ave, Suite 315 Brooklyn, NY 11222

January 15 – February 14, 2016 Continue reading

Recently Sold Drawings

These are some drawings that have recently sold. Prints of some of the images can be found on my online store


The Dress

This past fall, I was asked by artist Alex Pergament to participate in his collaborative installation, Helga and Carl. I collaborated with artist Kelly Heaton of Kelleesee Designs to create a drawing on this beautiful dress she made.

I chose this dress as my canvas after hearing the story behind it. Kelly made the dress for a bride-to-be’s wedding shower, but then the bride’s fiancee left her before she had the chance to wear it. The dress became a symbol for lost love and heartbreak, so I chose to heal it by turning it into it’s own universe. The Galaxy radiates from the heart, showing that the wearer projects her light and power from within, that all comes from her center. The train of the dress is water, symbolizing letting go and releasing the past to emerge cleansed and freed.

I enjoyed the process of drawing on silk, and look forward to creating a series of these designer gowns!

Boundary-Less at Pleiades Gallery, Curated by Reno Oka of ISSO Gallery


12 NYC artists VS Genichi Watanabe

December 1st, 2015 – December 26th, 2015

Openings:  December 3rd, 2015 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
               December 12th, 2015 3:00 – 6:00 PM

A collaborative exhibit between the Japanese artist, Genichi WATANABE and twelve select NYC artists, curated by Reno Oka of ISSO Art Gallery in Tokyo. Considering that one can find similarity in aspects of every work of art, Reno juxtaposes the overlapping themes between the art of Genichi Watanabe and twelve NYC artists.

Art by different artists may look completely different at glance; however, once you focus on specific points, there is connection and agreement. Regardless of the artists nationalities, there is a shared experience.

This is the reason the show is titled “Boundary-less”; the artists’ works are not divided into separate categories, rather they are exhibited in the same atmosphere harmoniously, despite their diversity.

Press for the Show:


ArteFuse: (M) Artist Colleen Blackard showing her drawing skills. Arte Fuse Article: “Japan and New York Meet for Boundary-Less Group show at Pleiades Gallery”

ArtSlant New York



Images from the Show: Continue reading