Artist Bio:

From Austin, Texas, Colleen Blackard is based in Brooklyn, NY and creates drawings inspired by the light of the Texas night skies of her youth. She is a current recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, and she received a BA from Hampshire College, MA. Her work has been featured in such venues as ACA Galleries, Owen James Gallery, and Brooklyn Fire Proof. She was featured in the Brooklyn episode of the Japanese travel show, Hotel no Madokara, and is represented by ISSO Gallery in Tokyo. Her drawings are in Pierogi Gallery’s Flat Files in NYC and she was interviewed for their artists’ Q&A. Her work was also featured in Drawing Magazine.

Her drawings combine natural, celestial and man-made elements in occasionally surreal compositions to explore light, memory, consciousness and change. Her signature style uses continuous, circular, intersecting lines to create a luminosity that clarifies the subject and gives life to every detail. Whether in ballpoint pen, archival marker, ink washes, or monotype, she is constantly pushing the envelope on the types of atmospheres and effects she can create with these dynamic lines and their interstitial light.


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