I am fascinated by the evolving atmosphere that light creates around transient subjects such as storms, nightscapes, and other emotionally-charged spaces. My work explores the phenomenon of being immersed in these realms. By recalling dreams and memories of the natural world, I utilize methods of printmaking, drawing, painting, and scenic art to connect external and internal landscapes. My finished work becomes a traceable imprint of this exploration.

While on a hike with friends on Bornholm Island in Denmark this Midsommar, we accidentally startled a group of roe deer at twilight. As they ran into the woods, we noticed one was completely white and another speckled white and brown. I’d never seen a white deer before, and I’ll never forget it. These experiences etch vividly into my mind, then I imprint the memories into monotypes. During the process, my memories become shaped by my personal beliefs and emotions, and the resulting artwork blends both inner and outer realms with the printmaking transfer process, resulting in a world of its own.

Installation View at Foltz Fine Art, Houston, TX Sept-Oct 2023