Available Smaller Drawings in the Abandoned Series

Recent smaller drawings and sketches in the Abandoned Series available for purchase:

Smart Dust

I’m grateful for the incredible outpouring of love and support at this wonderful opening reception. Even on such a cold winter day, it was so packed I could hardly move!

SMART┬áDUST (more…)

MetaMoi (P)ARTY 2

MetaMoi (P)ARTY 2

Curated by Eva Depoorter
Artists included:
Sonia Aniceto
Colleen Blackard
Miriam Carothers
Benjamin W Coleman
Julia Dubovyk
Maho Kino Fei Li
L Mylott Manning
Ellie Perendy
Erin Starr

Images from the opening:



I built a detailed, to scale model of my barn. So excited to draw from this model and manipulate the light!

Ink Drawings:

Here are the first light drawings from the model:


New Purpose: Complete!


New Purpose, 2016, Archival marker on paper, 5ft x 4ft

The Making of “New Purpose”:

Small Version:

Progress Shots: (more…)