unnamedJoining forces for the environment:

LES Ecology Center

A non profit that welcomes the arts.

CloseUp NYC is taking action. We have joined in creating an event with ACA Galleries (yet again) and ArtBloxx a fabulous blogger who equally cares about art and the environment to fundraise for the environment.

The evening will feature LES Ecology Center, a local non profit that proudly supports the environment and welcomes the arts. A portion of ticket sales and art sales will go to LES Ecology, and of course any direct donations you’d like to make.

Tickets: $10 for open bar, and to give to LES Ecology Center

Our artists you ask? There’s quite the mix:

On the walls: (From top to bottom):

On the walls we have the lovely Colleen Blackard and the established Michael Netter


Vaughn Bergen + Joel Bluestein
Sharon Lam
Extravagant Animals (Our headliners)
When + Where:
August 19th at 7pm
ACA Galleries 520 West 20th 5th Fl.
Check out ACA Galleries for any of their other events.