aicampbellshowimageDrawers Drawing
Curated by Alison Pierz

Galerie Protégé
197 9th Avenue, lower level Chelsea Frames
New York, NY 10011 

October 8th-November 5th, 2015
Opening reception Thursday Oct 8th, 6-8pm

Artists: James Bills, Colleen Blackard, Ai Campbell, Joseph Karwacki, Tim Maxwell and Jaanika Peerna. Curated by Alison Pierz

The art of drawing is sometimes seen in a subordinate role to the traditionally dominant media of painting. After the rapid broadening of the art world to include conceptual, performance, multi-media, digital and countless other modes, it is slightly surprising in the twenty first century to encounter working artists who choose drawing as their primary, or in some cases, sole method of expression.

People who draw are technically referred to as draughtsman, which seems to suggest that their efforts are considered a step in a process. One draws a preliminary sketch, or plan – a draft – to be interpreted and developed into something else at a future date. The artists presented in Drawers Drawing have all made the choice to be “drawers” and consider their mark making an end product in itself.

The title is a reference to an early 1970s documentary that celebrated the high profile American painters of the mid twentieth century. In contrast, this exhibition showcases a group of artists with diverse origins in places like Japan, Estonia and Texas. Their artistic backgrounds and references include traditional Japanese brushwork, comic book art, tattooing, mathematics and movement. Pencil, pen and ink, marker and dry pastel are juxtaposed alongside each other in an inspired display of line, form and color.

Some of the works are presented as one might encounter them in an artist’s studio, for example a sketchbook opened to a single page, a large work on paper tacked to the wall, as though the artist has stepped away and might return to make additions and changes. Others highlight the diversity possible in drawing by being presented as three-dimensional installations and sculpture. Drawers Drawing celebrates the ancient human act of mark making and the artists who engage with it.

Closing Reception Update:

At the last minute, as we began de-installing the work, a dear friend and collector who has been following my work since my first show recognized the drawing, Taurus (Hyades), from my first “For the Universe” series and came to the gallery to acquire it. So grateful for the support, and glad it went to a happy home!

Installation Shots:

Opening Night: