On June 20th, I participated in a summer arts festival in Jersey City, right off the Grove St. Path Station.  It was a beautiful day full of music, celebration, sales, and new connections.

our booth, "Greyegg & the ARTistic inTENTions"

At our booth, “Greyegg & the ARTistic inTENTions”

I chose to create my second live marker drawing so that viewers could better understand my style. It was wonderful to have 6 hours to complete the canvas drawing instead of only one! As a result, my drawing was much richer, more detailed, and took 6 markers instead of the 3 it took last time.

after the first 4 hours

After the first 4 hours

I loved how people would come up to me to ask about my technique and inquire about the drawing.  My favorite was a little girl who also loved to draw.  She would watch for a while then come back, and she even wanted to touch the drawing!

Still drawing as the sun sets

Still drawing as the sun sets

Almost done

Almost done

As the sunlight faded and the music stopped, I finally had to finish.  It’s hard to know when it’s done, but having the set cut off time helped me to resolve the piece as quickly as possible and focus on which areas were most important.  I loved drawing the soft light on the path around the trunk, but the wild branches also call out to me in this one.

"Dusk Falls" 2014, Prismacolor marker on canvas, 16"x20"

“Dusk Falls” 2014, Prismacolor marker on canvas, 16″x20″

With no light left, and the booths disappearing as I finished, this darling drawing didn’t get it’s spotlight that day, so look forward to it in my upcoming New Jersey solo show next week at GP’s!