This past fall, I was asked by artist Alex Pergament to participate in his collaborative installation, Helga and Carl. I collaborated with artist Kelly Heaton of Kelleesee Designs to create a drawing on this beautiful dress she made.

I chose this dress as my canvas after hearing the story behind it. Kelly made the dress for a bride-to-be’s wedding shower, but then the bride’s fiancee left her before she had the chance to wear it. The dress became a symbol for lost love and heartbreak, so I chose to heal it by turning it into it’s own universe. The Galaxy radiates from the heart, showing that the wearer projects her light and power from within, that all comes from her center. The train of the dress is water, symbolizing letting go and releasing the past to emerge cleansed and freed.

I enjoyed the process of drawing on silk, and look forward to creating a series of these designer gowns!