I built a detailed, to scale model of my barn. So excited to draw from this model and manipulate the light!

Ink Drawings:

Here are the first light drawings from the model:

Actual Barn Comparison:

This model is based on an actual barn in Texas, so to show the accuracy of the scale model, here is an image of the barn and model side-by-side:


To create figure and dialogue within the space of the barn, I turned my barn into a haunted house just in time for Halloween:


Sketches from the barn dressed up as a haunted house:

Holy Barn!

From haunted house to holy creche, my barn is finding its place in the world, just in time for the Christmas holidays:

Sketches from the barn as the holy creche:


In preparation for my large drawing, “Safe,” I modified the light and atmosphere to express the feeling of safety inside a warm space, while dangers lurk outside in the dark.

Here are the first sketches from the model for this new drawing: