MetaMoi (P)ARTY 2

Curated by Eva Depoorter
Artists included:
Sonia Aniceto
Colleen Blackard
Miriam Carothers
Benjamin W Coleman
Julia Dubovyk
Maho Kino Fei Li
L Mylott Manning
Ellie Perendy
Erin Starr

Images from the opening:

Art + Theoretical Physics = (P)ARTY

Opening night at Pupin Hall was extraordinary. I enjoyed talking with so many talented artists, art appreciators, and theoretical physicists such as Brian Greene and many others. There was in interesting exchange of facts, theories, and ideas for artistic collaboration. I was very honored to have my”For the Universe” series featured in this exhibit, and enjoyed hearing how being surrounded by art has already had a positive effect on the physicists working there.

The show will be up until early next year, so please check it out!


8th floor of Pupin Hall (Center for Theoretical Physics)  at Columbia University

Off the 116 St – Columbia University stop on the 1 train,
Enter Columbia University on Broadway and 116th St. and follow these directions:

Once you’ve entered the building, you will see a bronze bust of Michael Idorvsky Pupin on your right. Walk straight ahead until you hit the elevator. The Center of Theoretical Physics is on the 8th floor. When you exit the elevator, turn left and then once again -when you hit the hallway- turn left.